Program Outcomes

Webcooks, the C,C++ Training Institute in Amritsar offers a host of achievable C++ courses that will include everything from basic programs of C++ coding to developing contemporary video games in Unity and Unreal Engine. At webcooks our coding experts, who are proficient at transforming difficult concepts into manageable lessons will train you in C++ coding. After completing the course, you will be skillful enough to enter the industry and code real-world applications based on C++.

We will also cover some complicated programming techniques like binary trees and linked lists that deal with the data structure with the C,C++ Training in Amritsar. You will be creating projects on report card generation, virtual cricket games, or gully cricket apps.

Key highlights of C++ Coding

  • Live project handling
  • Fundamental concepts of C++ framework
  • Build highly responsive websites
  • Placements assured
  • Immersive hands-on learning
  • Build your own portfolio on GitHub
  • 0% EMI Option Available

Skills you’ll learn in this C++ Coding Program

  • Sound understanding and detailed knowledge in writing code in C++ and Unix
  • You will learn advance knowledge of testing tools
  • Creating real-world projects like video games, android applications, and web applications.
  • You will learn knowledge of the language essentials like variables, expressions, loops, functions, strings

Learning Path

Webcooks is a training company that aims to revolutionize the training methodology being followed in Amritsar by changing the focus from theory to practical. Our aim is not to mint money, but to train students in small batches, giving them a simulation of a company-like environment where they get mentored by experienced professionals. The modules you’ll get to learn in the C++ Coding course at Webcooks are:

In this part, you will be learning the basics of the language like Data Types, Variables, Arithmetic Operators, Casting, Assignment and Input Statements.

This module includes information about I/O Streams, Predefined Functions, and Output Formatting.

Syntax and working of control structures like do looping, do while looping, and for looping.

One-Dimensional Array, its Indexing, Array Searching, c-Strings,Parallel Arrays, and Multidimensional Arrays

You will get to learn about accessing struct Members, I/O structs, and Arrays vs Structs.

This part includes Object Declaration, Class Scope, Data Abstraction and Types, and Struct vs Class.

In this module, we will be learning the concepts of Overriding functions, OOD and OOP Programming.

In this part, we will teach you important topics like Pointer data types, Address of Operator, Pointer Variables, Dynamic Arrays, Shallow and Deep Pointers, Inheritance and Virtual Functions.

This module will assist you in learning try/catch, Blocks, Creating Exception Classes, Stack Unwinding.

We will be discussing on the syntax and tactics of Direct Recursion, Indirect Recursion, and Recursion vs Iteration.

We will be learning some important searching and sorting techniques like List Processing, Bubble Sort, Binary Sort, and vector Type.

Building a Linked List, Deletion, ADT Nodes, List Retrieval, Destructor 6. Unordered Linked List 7. Ordered Linked List 8. Doubly Linked List.

What our Trainees have to say

Don't just take our words for it. See what our Trainees say about us & witness the satisfaction journey.


Deepali Takyar

Student, MCA

“Faculty at webcooks are just amazing. They went beyond their training hours to guide me in this field. I want to thank the Placement team at Webcooks. Not only did they prepare me for interviews but they also guided me towards all career opportunities and helped me choose what’s best for me.”




“I have always been averse of technical topics, but trainers at webcooks make even the toughest topic easy leaning experience! It was a great decision to join webcooks I had so much fun while learning. To anyone looking for digital marketing, webcooks is the go-to place.”



Front End Developer

“Webcooks was one of my best find. I booked a demo session with them through this website, after that I required no second opinion. The mentors was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matters with cutting-edge industry experience.”


C++ language is known to be the most difficult language to learn as compared to other programming languages like Python and Java due to its complex syntax. But, our experts at Webcooks will convert difficult parts into manageable lessons.

No, its a misconception that C++ is dependent on C and is not a developed language. Just because C and C++ a lot a same syntax and semantics, doesn’t mean that we have to learn C language in order to learn C++ language.

C++ language is powerful because of its most prominent features like inheritance, polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation. Also, its high-level functionalities makes it most efficient language.

In all our programs we extensively use industry tools, case studies, live advertising budget, real-world problem-solving approaches to ensure that you're able to get true hands-on experience.