Program Outcomes

Our coding courses offer a great way to get started as a coder and develop and update your existing skills. Unfortunately a lot of poor training materials are available online but we make you available the most reliable and technical course availability. At Webcooks, we bring together the best curated course for all young coders.

Skills you’ll learn in this Data Science

  • Examining Database
  • Dabbling in codes
  • Creating visualizations
  • Finding patterns
  • Creation of graphs
  • Using patterns to forecast

Learning Path

Webcooks is a training firm which aims on revolutionizing the training methodology that is being followed in the city by changing the focus from theory to practical. The aim is not to mint money but to train students in small batches and giving them a simulation of a company-like environment mentored by professionals.

This module shall introduce you to the language so that you can run the simple programs and are able to compute the results of arithmetic expressions while using it as a calculator.

The module teaches you on how to call and define functions allowing you to write the code once so that you can run the execution repeatedly with different inputs.

This module works on teaching the ways to use logics and conditionals to change behaviour of the program based upon the values in the program.

This module works on introducing to the concept of modules and how to allow code to be divided in different files and be reused in different programs.

What our Trainees have to say

Don't just take our words for it. See what our Trainees say about us & witness the satisfaction journey.


Deepali Takyar

Student, MCA

“Faculty at webcooks are just amazing. They went beyond their training hours to guide me in this field. I want to thank the Placement team at Webcooks. Not only did they prepare me for interviews but they also guided me towards all career opportunities and helped me choose what’s best for me.”




“I have always been averse of technical topics, but trainers at webcooks make even the toughest topic easy leaning experience! It was a great decision to join webcooks I had so much fun while learning. To anyone looking for digital marketing, webcooks is the go-to place.”



Front End Developer

“Webcooks was one of my best find. I booked a demo session with them through this website, after that I required no second opinion. The mentors was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matters with cutting-edge industry experience.”


In all our programs we extensively use industry tools, case studies, live advertising budget, real-world problem-solving approaches to ensure that you're able to get true hands-on experience.

At webcooks we focus on 20% theoretical knowledge & 80% practical knowledge. You'll learn to work in a professional environment following the agile methodology, developing your technical skills as well as soft skills.

Although, we'll not offer a job guarantee as it depends on the skill set you acquire. What we do is provide placement assistance to our students. We have companies who have registered with us for their requirements so that we can forward your resume to them.