Program Outcomes

After completing the Core Java Training in Amritsar with Webcooks, you will be skillful enough to write, run, and compile object-oriented java programs in the integrated development environment (IDE). Also, this course will help you to understand real-world programs and make the necessary modifications after testing the code. You will be validating the input programs that give output on the basis of the input data. Mastering the Java Training in Amritsar with us will make you efficient in identifying and debugging the errors in the code.

We will also train our students in real-world java software projects including the object-oriented implementation and testing of the code. The implementation will be based on the control structures, classes, objects, AWT components, file-based I/O, and arrays. In the testing section, you will be working on both black box and glass box testing strategies.

Key highlights of Python and Django in the Java Training Institute in Amritsar

  • Live project handling
  • Fundamental concepts of Java framework
  • Build highly responsive websites
  • Placements assured
  • Immersive hands-on learning
  • Build your own portfolio on GitHub
  • 0% EMI Option Available

Skills you’ll learn in this Java Program

  • Core java skills needed to further apply for the java developer position in just 3 months.
  • Learning important java basics for working on Spring Framework, JAndroid development, java EE, and more.
  • Learn real-world coding in Java software development from our expert Java developers.
  • You will learn topics like "What is Java?", Variables, Operators, etc.

Learning Path

Webcooks is a training company that aims to revolutionize the training methodology being followed in Amritsar by changing the focus from theory to practical. Our aim is not to mint money, but to train students in small batches, giving them a simulation of a company-like environment where they get mentored by experienced professionals.

In this part, we will understand the basics of Java, Java buzzwords, JVM architecture, Data types, Variables, Scope and lifetime of variables, arrays, operators, control statements etc.

In this part we will learn to Install Java, Java Program Development , Java Source File Structure ,Compilation, Executions.

In this part, we will learn how to write the first program of Java. After learning the concepts you’ll be able to write a simple hello Java program easily after installing the JDK.

In this part, we will learn how variables and data types are used in Java, and how to declare a variable and assign it values.

In this part, we will be learning how to execute the code from top to bottom in Java compiler. Understanding the Decision Making statements, Loop statements, Jump statements etc.

In this part, we will learn how we can pass an array to a user-defined function and will notice how it makes the code more optimistic as well as efficient.

In this part we will be learning Object Oriented Programming in Java Specialization including Logic Programming, Java Programming, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Sorting Algorithm.

In this part, we will be learning the basics of debugging using java as the language. You Will Also Learn About Applying Breakpoints and Running The Code With Breakpoints.

In this part we’ll be learning the web services, WSDL file, WSDL and UDDI, SOAP, RESTful Web service, JAX-WS Implementaion.

What our Trainees have to say

Don't just take our words for it. See what our Trainees say about us & witness the satisfaction journey.


Deepali Takyar

Student, MCA

“Faculty at webcooks are just amazing. They went beyond their training hours to guide me in this field. I want to thank the Placement team at Webcooks. Not only did they prepare me for interviews but they also guided me towards all career opportunities and helped me choose what’s best for me.”




“I have always been averse of technical topics, but trainers at webcooks make even the toughest topic easy leaning experience! It was a great decision to join webcooks I had so much fun while learning. To anyone looking for digital marketing, webcooks is the go-to place.”



Front End Developer

“Webcooks was one of my best find. I booked a demo session with them through this website, after that I required no second opinion. The mentors was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matters with cutting-edge industry experience.”


In all our programs we extensively use industry tools, case studies, live advertising budget, real-world problem-solving approaches to ensure that you're able to get true hands-on experience.

At webcooks we focus on 20% theoretical knowledge & 80% practical knowledge. You'll learn to work in a professional environment following the agile methodology, developing your technical skills as well as soft skills.

The most widely recognized certification for Java is Oracle certified Developer. Java is owned by Oracle which gives them more technical expertise of the language, Oracle certified Developer is widely accepted.

This course is meant for:

  • College students trying to make their resumes more impactful can
  • School Students who wish to gain some extra technical knowledge.
  • Developers who serve in different design-oriented industries like digital marketing, advertising, graphics, etc.
  • Teachers who want to shift from education to the IT industry, or who are passionate to work online to earn extra income with their creativity.

Although, we'll not offer a job guarantee as it depends on the skill set you acquire. What we do is provide placement assistance to our students. We have companies who have registered with us for their requirements so that we can forward your resume to them.