One of the most debated topics of modern Tech-times is whether Kotlin has the upper-hand on Java or is it the other way around. Is Kotlin better or Java? Which language should be used for android application development?

For so many years, Java has been the long-reigning king of the android app development.

Java, with its “write once, run anywhere” feature, all its simplicity that comes mainly from the elimination of pointers, security, and high performance as it is an interpreted language, has been ruling the world of android apps development for several years now.

Java is the language in which Android itself was written on.

Popping instantly into the heads of developers not only to serve the purposes of android app development but also the other areas of programming.

So what actually brought on all the debates and talks which lead to a huge fuss regarding this particular topic making it a much trending one?

With time, a new language was required in the area of android apps development. Some kind of change, some freshness was overdue.

Then, in 2011 when a new language by the name of “Kotlin” came into the scene with its relaxed restrictions and interoperability, to name a few advantages, the search seemed to have ended for a new strong language for android apps development.

Soon, it became a language, to have the highest demand for coders in android app development, as a huge number of companies wanted their apps to be developed in Kotlin.

Ever since the release of Android 3.0 back in 2017, Kotlin has been used as an alternative language alongside the standard java compiler.

The Paradigm saw a major shift on May 7th, 2019, When in the I/0 2019 Google announced Kotlin as its preferred language for developers in android app development.

All of this, thereby, resulted in all the debates that I am trying to address in the article. So, to find the answer to this much sought-after issue, I am going to talk about the pros and cons of both the languages. In the end, you can weigh all the points that I am going to put forth and decide, considering your requirements, which one catches your eye.

What is JAVA?

Conventionally speaking, Java is an object-oriented programming language, however, it is not considered to purely object-oriented as it has primitive types like int, char, etc.

It was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems back in 1995. Its codes are first compiled into bytecode and then the bytecode is run onto the JVM irrespective of the underlying architecture.

It is said to have been named after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling’s office. After that, it went by the name project Green, But again, later on, it was renamed to Java, after the coffee from Indonesia. As of 2019, Java was one of the most popular programming languages in use according to Github, with approximately 9 million people using it for development

Pros and Cons of JAVA

Now, lets talk about KOTLIN

Coming to the very language that has created all the storm, KOTLIN. Kotlin is open-source general-purpose programming language. Open-source means it is free to use and adopt.

Kotlin was developed by Jetbrains in 2011. It can write the same code that we write in java in 50 lines, in 2-3 lines. So, a lot of companies are already hiring programmers that are familiar with Kotlin than java.

It has been working in conjunction with the Google cloud platforms Gradle and spring for quite some time now.

Which one should I choose?

With all the neutrality, I would say which language is better depends on an individual’s requirements. Though on one side Kotlin helps in writing smaller code but java is secure, Kotlin would require additional training and Java can be restrictive. Both languages are exquisite for android app development and thus all the fuss and debates are totally worth it.

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