Before I answer this question, let’s first learn about the importance of coding.

age of convenience

Back in 1950s, we used to have horses, telegrams, black and white TVs. Now, in a more convenient and sophisticated world, we have emails, smart houses, self-driving cars and even humanoids like SOPHIA at our disposal. technology is the sole reason behind it. The recent advancements in the field of computer science like artificial intelligence and machine learning, has made it possible to build advanced cognitive systems which will intelligently and fluently interact with human experts, providing them with articulate explanations and solutions to the unsolved mysteries. Automation is going to take over.

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report, in less than five years the market is expected to gain two million jobs in STEM-related fields.
So the importance of those skills for youth is stronger than ever.
Source: The Globe and Mail

This major shift requires a different set of skills. Digital devices are pretty much everywhere these days. In a way, we are dependent upon this technology as it is making our lives easier. Even a kid does not eat/sleep without watching his favorite video on YouTube.

addicted to technology

This has created an imbalance between the consumption and production. We have become mere users of technology. To cover this gap, we need to train the young minds to be the creators. In order to be successful in the future that awaits them, they need to be well versed with the language these digital devices speak i.e. coding.

Now coming back to the main question, what is the right age to start coding?

One should start coding at the age of 5. Yes. You read it right. Even in Britain, they have mandatory computer coding classes for the kids between ages 5 to 14. This is the need of the hour. And, this is not just my opinion.

Coding is the new cursive writing – And we have to embrace it.

~Kelly Lovell (The Globe and Mail)

As an educator and a futurist, I believe that the education sector will witness a radical shift in the coming two years. To cover the skill gap, we need to train the young minds on the skills they need for the future. The focus needs to shift from teaching to learning. We have all the tools at our disposal. All we need to teach the kids is to use the information to create something that ads value. Merely teaching how to perform operational tasks is not going to work in the future. Not everything is in black and white. Children need to be taught to handle the grey situations, where their thinking capacities are put to test.

Be it 5 or 50, one can start leaning coding when they feel the need to do so. Coding not only helps us how to think, but improves our overall performance and nurtures creativity. Knowing the language that the computer speaks, is always a plus.

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