Before proceeding with the “whys” of this article let’s just try to contemplate the “whats” in a few lines. 

By “whats” I only mean, to understand who are web developers and what do they do?

WEB DEVELOPERS are IT specialists who, in very common terms, develop applications to run on the web using the client-server model. People interested in the web development further have some categories at their disposal, to choose from:


The front-end developers are those who deal with the way the website looks. We can also say that they take care of the client-side aspect. Front-end developers use technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and use tools like Adobe Photoshop etc.


Back-end developers are those programmers who handle the server-side aspect of the application. It comprises of the actual programming which goes behind the working of each element. The developers may use languages like Php, Java, Python, Ruby etc.


Full-stack developers are the ones who can write code for both front-end and back-end. We can also say that they’re a complete package and much in demand!

Now that we have got the basic idea about web developers, we can start talking about why being a web developer is such a fascinating career choice for everyone.

Now that we have got the basic idea about web developers, we can start talking about why being a web developer is such a fascinating career choice for everyone.


“Money”. It is the highest motivational factor for which everyone works. To be straightforward, we all know nobody works only for the so-called “internal peace or satisfaction”. In the back of our greedy and needy human minds, we always have the thoughts of the money factor. At least I do give priority to this factor. Don’t you?

So, coming back on our track, the packages offered to web-developers are comparatively high as compared to other profiles of the same field. IT Giants like IBM, Google as well as new tech startups offer pretty high packages to people having any of the above-mentioned skill-set.


Web developers encounter the most interesting and exciting real-world problems to solve and to code which along with high packages make it one of the most interesting and sought-after jobs nowadays. The work of web developers is not limited to making basic websites. They also get to work on challenging web applications that detect diseases, integration AI into web-apps etc. 


Many graduates remain unemployed these days due to the skill-gap, but if you start learning any of the web technologies and get a hold on just one web-framework, there are countless job opportunities in the IT industry for you. This is because of the rise in the online business which makes this technology a requirement everywhere. Numerous people, be they related to IT or not, need to develop some application or website for the web and that is where web developers come into play. Yet another reason to be a Web Developer. Isn’t it?


When you decide to be a Web Developer, you will be on the path to become a specialist. You can choose from any of the above-mentioned sub-categories according to your interests and convenience and go on to be an expert at that. You don’t even need a professional degree for this. Just the clarity of concepts and practical knowledge will do.


Ok, last but not the least, this one is for the folks who like to be “their own boss”. Some don’t like to work under anyone. You can take up freelancing and can earn even more than a fresher. 

Working from your own space and whenever it suits you? Sounds pretty convenient right? The only thing to mention here is that you need to complete the project in time as most of the freelance projects are from foreign countries. They pay you in dollars but expect nothing but the best. And, thanks to our sluggish economy, the gap between dollar and rupee is increasing giving us a solid reason to be a freelancer.

Here I’ve just pointed out a few of the things which are easy to be counted on finger-tips. The list can be elaborate if we start making one.

Concluding the discussion, I can say that I cannot find a reason not to pursue this “hot job” that web-development has become in these years. Also, I’d like to mention a quote as a tribute to technology which has taken the world by storm and given us all the career opportunities to look forward to. It goes like:

It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.