WebCooks is the best web development company in Amritsar that provides the most reliable training. If you are productive enough and have a good knowledge of development then this is the perfect opportunity for you to start your career in it. WebCooks provides youngsters a pathway to follow this career and has become the top coaching institute in Amritsar.

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Web Devevlopment in Amritsar

Web Development Course in WebCooks deals with learning how to develop responsive websites for people belonging to different industries. This course opens up vast job opportunities for you self-employment where you can either work for a company set up or become a freelancer. The web developmment course offers training in a wide vaiety of tools and technologies. The modules you'll get to learn at Webcooks are:


HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, React

BACKEND Tehnologies

Php, CodeIgniter, Laravel, NodeJS, Firebase, MySQL


Github (VCS), CI/CD, Server Management

Who can Learn?

Our Web Development certification course aims at training youngsters and making them expert in the field of web developement so they can offer both strategically and technically robust websites for various industries. This course is meant for:

  • College students trying to make their resume more impactful can enhance their skillset in the field of Web Development etc.
  • School Students who wish to gain some extra technical knowledge.
  • Developers who serve in different design-oriented industries like digital marketing, advertising, graphics, etc.
  • Teachers who want to shift from education to IT industry, or who are passionate to work online to earn extra income with their creativity.
We propose to generate the finest talented pool of web developers that would be most explored in the industry. If you are the one looking for the same, Enroll with Us now!

Why join Webcooks?

Webcooks is a training company which aims to revolutionize the training methodology being followed in Amritsar by changing the focus from theory to practical. Our aim is not to mint money, but to train students in small batches, giving them a simulation of a company-like environment where they get mentored by experienced professionals.

  • Professionally qualified and highly skilled faculties on board with hands-on experience.
  • Live projects handling and practical knowledge.
  • Small Batches and Flexible Timings.
  • Mock Tests and Interviews.
  • Verified Certificates.
We propose to generate the finest talented pool of web designers that would be most explored in the industry. If you are the one looking for the same, Enroll with Us now!


Webcooks offer a wide vaiety of courses in the fields of Design, Development and Digital Maketing.

Web Designing

Designing intuitive, creative websites for user engagement and cconversions.

Web Development

Develloping web apps with robust performance using latest web frameworks.

Mobile App Development

Developing hybrid mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Digital Marketing

Explore the field of digital marketing working on live projects and analyzing case studies.


Learn the fundamentals of problem solving using the langauge of your choice.

Micro Trainings

Short 1-2 week trainings focussed on a particular tool or technology.

Web Cooks

Other Training Modules

Webcooks offer a wide variety of in-person, on-campus and online training modules; for different age groups. The micro-trainings we offer are 15 days long which focus on the in-depth knowlegde of a single tool/technology, and the industrial trainings go from 6 weeks to 6 months.



  • Courses
    Web Design (NO CODING)
    PowerPoint Presentations
    Blogging and Content
    DevOps (Basics)
    Github (VCS)
    Excel VBA
  • Ages
  • Duration
    2 weeks


  • Courses
    Web Design and Deployment
    Interview Preperation
    Digital Marketing
    (Programming and Algorithms)

  • Ages
  • Duration
    4-6 weeks


  • Courses
    Mobile App Development
    WebApp Development
    Graphic Designing
    Digital Marketing
    Web Designing

  • Ages
  • Duration
    3-6 months



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