Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is to inform that we care about privacy and personal data of users and companies. Protecting our user’s personal data is our first priority.You must know and understand that our services may be linked with some other third parties as well, and privacies for online storage services and payment providers, you must agree that Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd not responsible for any such third party conditions and use of any information by them. This policy is strict with the use of information collected by . Here are our privacy policies that contain information about what data we collect and how it is used.

Personal and Non-Personal Identification Information

We collect a users’ personal as well as non-personal information which remains private and will not be disclosed to others. Personal information is collected while filling out a form, registration on our site or other activities they do on the website and this information include name, email, phone number and more. A user can visit our website without providing its personal information; it may only prevent them to engage in activities associated with the site. Non-personal information that we collect includes information on user interaction such as the type of browser, operating system, IP addresses, and other technical information. Whenever

IP Addresses

Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd automatically tracks your IP addresses. Your IP addresses are registered for statistical purposes and in order to improve our advertising and layout of our Website.

Correspondence Information

If you send us any personal correspondence, or any third parties send us any form of information about your postings, the information may get stored on our servers.

Payment Information

We do not collect any credit card information to protect you against any unauthorized transactions, claims and other liabilities. We allow third-party vendors to collect information for the purpose of collecting the fee from our customers on our website. We do not have any access to the payment information that you provide to our third party vendors and all this information provided is subject to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the third party vendor. For more information, you may want to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of our payment service providers.

Browser Cookies

Browser cookies include the information about the users’ visit i.e. it includes the user’s session while visiting the site, and these “cookies” are stored in the hard drive in form of files. These are used to track the user behavior on the website and get deleted after some time. These cookies are of type types- the first one is the session cookies that remains only when a user is visiting the site and the second one are persistent cookies are gets deleted at its expiry date. Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd uses these cookies to understand the users need and does not share this information with anyone else and not even other clients.

Use of Information We Collect

The information that we store is used to improve user’s experience with our website. This helps us to provide updates of our services to the user. On visiting our site, we understand the users’ protection and take care of their private information. Your information is protected here….

Mobile & Other Devices

In case you’re using Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd from a mobile or a similar device, you need to agree to a different set of terms & conditions known as “Mobile Terms”. You are liable to be charged by your service provider for the use of data while visiting our website. Our website is available to be accessed free of cost.
● We have a non-disclosure agreement with all our employees as well as agents so as to prevent the data confidentially.
● For protecting data from unauthorized access, we use security measures that keep the data accurate and protected.
● We do not make any of your Information available to third parties for their marketing purposes. No data given or collected is shared with other social media platforms.
● We do not share our data with any third-party firm, and if we do, we will notify you the details.
● If you transmit any data over the internet, then it is not our guarantee for safe transmission. Then do at your own risk.
● We may check for spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malicious activity or illegal or prohibited content of the Website, but we will not permanently store messages sent through these tools. Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd does its utmost to secure communications and data storage in order to protect the confidentiality of your Information against loss and interception by third parties. However, it is important to know that there is no zero-risk against loss or interception by others of your Information. You are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your Account’s username and password.

Personal Data of Children

Webcooks Technologies Pvt Ltd does not knowingly store data of children under the age of 16. If you are a child under age 16, then don’t submit your personal data. Parents should provide guidance to their children while using the internet.


If our Privacy Policy procedures change, we will post those changes immediately to our Website. Any such changes will be effective immediately from the time they are posted unless otherwise stated in the change provision. An email notification will be sent to the users who request it.

Your Rights at Webcooks

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you possess a number of rights in relation to your Personal Data. You have right to access your personal information from the website for any purpose. You can get and reuse your personal information across any services at any time. Whereas you have provided us with consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. To reiterate, you can do this at any time by contacting us directly at [email protected]

Your agreement on our terms and conditions

Your agreement on our terms and conditions