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Master high in-demand skills & advance in your career with the best python course at Webcooks where you obtain unmatched practical approaches . Build your career as a skilled python developer with certifications that are recognized all around the world.

Introduction to python

In this module we learn about basic of programming language like input output statements,operators, booleans , modules etc. and explore the code techniques.

Flow control &

Grab the knowledge of flow statements like if-else, match-case, loops how to use in logic building and more different ways. Solving different types of problems to enhance problem solving skills.

Functions and Data

How to define and call functions. What are arbitrary parameters, recursion etc. import module and packages and Work on data-structure like List, Dictionary, Tuple, String, Numbers.

Python file and exception

Explore how to manage and handles the files with python and a deep use of python exception handling to make error free code.

Object oriented programming

Object-oriented programming is important for creating modular, reusable, and organized code structures in software development. So we never miss OOPs and cover a wide part of object oriented programming.

Data analysis

Advanced data analysis with NumPy and Pandas generation of data , operation on arrays,data filtering, data aggregation, mathematical and scientific computation.

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Memory management
Memory management

Use of memory management that make your programs more efficient and robust.

Modular programs
Modular programs

Make your programs more modular and functional with function, learn about the best use-case of functions.

Object-Oriented Programming
Object-Oriented Programming

Explore all the para-dime of object oriented programming and how to implement it in our application.

Real-world Projects
Real-world Projects

Building the real-world use case projects that actual a part of programming.


Practical about efficient use of python data-structure and the perfect use that in our applications.

Working with files
Working with files

Explore the actual use-case python file handling and manage the file with python in-built modules.

Excellent Problem Solving Skills
Excellent Problem Solving Skills

Explore how to breakdown problem as much as possible and different way to solve that.

Use of Extensive Libraries
Use of Extensive Libraries

Learn the tactical use of inbuilt major libraries and make awesome project with it.

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Why Should You Join A Python Course ?

  • Industry standard programing skills
  • Improve your logic building
  • Higher demanded language in world
  • Ease of Learning with higher salary potential
  • E- commerce portals/ website owners
  • A very large python community and open source
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Develop true expertise with comprehensive python course

Learn how to make effective problem solving strategy.provide rich ecosystem that making it an excellent choice for beginner or non-technical also.

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Choosing the right python course can be crucial to the success of your career. Our Python Course is curated as per the latest IT industry standards & requirements with practical knowledge.

Reason to take a Python and data science

Currently in India It industry at a boom. According to survey, python has a 56% market share in India of the fields of data science and machine learning. The growth rate of python is 38% past few years. Python cover the big part of software industry like image processing, neural network, artificial intelligence.

A career in python developer pays highly well. In india the salary ranges of a python developer is between 1,50,000 to 8,80,000 and average annual salary is up-to 4,00,000. So the future with python is very well and opportunities rich.





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